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"Adventure across lands by yourself or with friends."

Grotto Dungeon

"Explore and traverse through dangerous but fun dungeons."

Grotto Castle

"Create your own story in the world of Veridian." 

Veridian is a 2d online role playing game that takes you on an ever expanding adventure in a world known as "Veridian". Created by the 9 "Elder Gods" who eventually left this universe to create others and left 2 Demi-gods in their wake. Valenessa and Dagan each having their own domain and powers. Valenessa is the goddess of life and all things good. Dagan is the god of "Death" and all that is evil. Dagan is growing tired of Valenessa's race of humans and began an onslaught to the human world with his own army. Thus your adventure begins!

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